Ugh! What the Hell! – PAD #1005

Ugh! What the Hell! - PAD #1005

So, last night I decided that I would take my brand new camera out for the week on the road. I had charged up the batteries last week and I should be good to go. Wrong! I was on the plane today and wanted to monkey around with the camera and guess what, batteries were dead. Completely dead. And I didn’t think to bring the nice new sleek easy to transport charger with me this week, nope not at all. So I have two options for my photos these next few days. Web Cam ones and Camera phone ones. Neither is a great choice but hey, what can you do?

The strange thing is that today I am eligible to get my new camera phone which is a 2MP (Allison and I are getting the EnV from Verizon), not spectacular but it would have been better than what I have with me.

Today has not been the best for me and batteries. First was the camera then my cell phone and blue tooth headset crapped out at the same time. Luckily I have a great charger called the iGo Juice 70 and it can charge both items, just not at the same time. I can charge the computer and the peripheral at the same time just not the two peripherals. And since I cannot make a call or receive a call and talk to anyone without the headset I needed to charge them both. Fun, fun.

I make my Photo-A-Day posts via Utterz now for the automatic upload to Flickr I always add audio now and sometimes I add video. Today is one of those days. Audio, Video, and more at

8 thoughts on “Ugh! What the Hell! – PAD #1005”

  1. I hope it goes better tomorrow but there is nothing I can do about the camera situation. Oh well. Live and learn and try to remember what I learned.

  2. That isn’t so much my problem as having the real camera unable to take photos for me. I have the phone charger with me. Oh well, live and learn.

  3. I hate when things like that happen! Best laid plans…
    Can’t wait to hear what you think of the EnV after you get it. I’m considering upgrading in April, I currently have the “V”

  4. I’ll let you know all abou the EnV when we get them, we’re making the call next monday to get the new phones. So it won’t be for a little bit, but there will be posts about it, absolutely.

  5. Won’t the camera take regular AA batteries? I know it will eat them alive if it does, but that’s better than having no camera (worthy of the name and IMO, a camera phone isn’t!) at all.


  6. Maggie,
    The camera has specific batteries, so no, AA batteries would be of no use. So just two more days of crappy camera phone photos.

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