Chalk Heart

Photo-A-Day #3316

We received a 48 count package of sidewalk chalk from Crayola as part of a package of items to review in time for making something special for mother’s day. Since Mother’s Day is on Sunday and I work all night each weekend and sleep all day each weekend it makes it tough for me and the kids to surprise Allison with anything the morning of Mother’s Day so instead we had a nice day and time so I let Eva go to town and make a Mother’s Day chalk drawing for Allison.

The kids loving on their new Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

This sidewalk chalk is new not only because of the variety of colors but also because they are anti-roll. They are square pieces of chalk. They are large and chunky, too.

48 Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

The variety is amazing. Crayola is so close to having a full on box of 64 sidewalk chalk colors. That is amazing. Ever since I was a kid they had 64 crayons and they also have a 64 pack of pip squeak markers. They are 16 colors away from a 64 box of sidewalk chalk, so many colors!

Anti Roll Crayola Sidewalk chalk

Eva had been excited to use these ever since they arrived. A brand new brightly colored box of sidewalk chalk is just begging to be used all over our backyard patio.

Drawing a giant heart

To make the Mother’s Day mural we started with a giant heart.

Can't work hard on Crayola Sidewalk chalk without getting some on you.

Eva not only made the giant heart and Happy Mother’s Day. She then drew a portrait of Allison, Eva and Andrew together. Eva was all over the backyard patio making a ton of images and using all sorts of colors. She really enjoyed the chalk.

Finishing Touches of the Mother's Day Mural

Eva was very intent on creating something special for Mother’s Day.