Check out PVP the Series

Since this blog is mostly about the cool things I like to buy as well as the TV shows I enjoy watching and then eventually buy as DVD’s I thought I’d let you know about another entertainment item. PVP the series is based on the popular webcomic called PVP which stands for Player Vs. Player in the video game world. The comic is about a fictional video game and pop culture magazine called PVP which is run by high school friends Cole and Brent. Scott Kurtz is the creator of PVP and he has been doing the web comic since 1998. The archive is online and you can read through the whole thing. And you know what, I suggest you do because it is awesome. So many funny strips and the characters are very good. Now they are animated in PVP the series. You can sign up to watch PVP the series and get an episode each month that was professionally created and voiced. Allison and I watched Episode #1 last night and it was very funny. I think it will only get better.