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Listening to more Podcasts

Today I switched from the Pop Candy podcast to the Triple Feature Podcast that is hosted on TalkShoe. Triple Feature is hosted by Tom Brazelton of Theater Hopper, Gordon McAlpin of The Multiplex and Joe Dunn of Joe Loves Crappy Movies. The first episode is pretty much just Tom, Gordon and Joe talking about movies. I love these web comics and am interested in listening to these podcasts. The first one is so long. I listened to the first hour and 10 minutes in the car as I drove through the Valentine’s Day Nor’Easter. Now I’m listening to the last half of it. As I looked at my iPod I was at the exact midpoint of the episode. There is still 1 hour and 23 minutes left of it.

Being a movie buff I really enjoy reading web comics about movies and ones that poke fun at the movies. These three web comics are very good and very funny. Take a listen to the talkcast and check out the web comics.

PVP the Series

Scott Kurtz is a hard working man I tell you. In addition to creating his online web comic PVP he is also producing comic books through IMAGE and now through Blind Ferret Entertainment Inc. he is producing an animated Series about his web comic PVP. The series is going to be run monthly for the next 12 months. Allison and I have read all of the PVP web comics and I have purchased the PVP collected editions from IMAGE. We watched the first episode last night and it was pretty funny. PVP the Series is $2.95 a month or a subscription of $24.95 for the year. I had blogged about this before when the price was only $19.95 for the year. I made my first purchase with PPP money to buy myself a subscription. I can also download the episode to watch on my iPod so that is cool too. If you haven’t ever read any web comics you should start with PVP (sorry Wes it was my first but you’re is my favorite) and then You’ll Have That. You will see that good comic strip artists are not just found in newspapers.