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Visiting DMC

Photo-A-Day #3253

I went up to visit my friend at Double Midnight Comics. He wanted to talk with me about a secret project that I can’t talk about right now. I used part of my time to snap some photos around the shop. I found one of their pilsner glasses and set it up with some other ones that had heroes on them. Even with selective focus on the Double Midnight Comics glass you can make out some of the heroes like Bat-Girl, The Flash and The Hulk.

The shop is really nice and we really haven’t been there since our friend Wes Molebash came up for a book signing in 2006. So, as I was looking through the back issues looking for some books I was missing I came across one of his signed comics from when he signed his You’ll Have that volume 1. That was 8 years ago. Crazy that the book was there and our connection to it.

PVP the Series

Scott Kurtz is a hard working man I tell you. In addition to creating his online web comic PVP he is also producing comic books through IMAGE and now through Blind Ferret Entertainment Inc. he is producing an animated Series about his web comic PVP. The series is going to be run monthly for the next 12 months. Allison and I have read all of the PVP web comics and I have purchased the PVP collected editions from IMAGE. We watched the first episode last night and it was pretty funny. PVP the Series is $2.95 a month or a subscription of $24.95 for the year. I had blogged about this before when the price was only $19.95 for the year. I made my first purchase with PPP money to buy myself a subscription. I can also download the episode to watch on my iPod so that is cool too. If you haven’t ever read any web comics you should start with PVP (sorry Wes it was my first but you’re is my favorite) and then You’ll Have That. You will see that good comic strip artists are not just found in newspapers.