Fence Broken

Come on! Irene!

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Well, today Hurricane Irene hit Southern New England. She hit a little before I left work this morning. About ten minutes before we left for the day the rain started hitting the windows sideways. I drove home and was blown all around the road, well, not that much but it was deserted on the roads as I drove home.

Deserted highway raining

I made it home and had some breakfast with Allison and Eva. The wind picked up and I went to sleep. I woke up around noon and the power was out. There were some branches down in the back yard and down the street I could see a telephone pole leaning over. I figured that was the source of the power outage. I figured too that power would be back on after I went back to sleep and woke up for work.

Like Dominoes

I was wrong.

After I got up for work I went outside and moved the branches over to one part of the yard and then went and look around the property for other downed limbs. There was a branch from another tree that barely missed my car. There was one in the front of the house on the street that I put back into the yard. While I was out there I talked with one of my neighbors who asked me if I had been down the street and had seen all the trees and telephone poles that were down. I had not and couldn’t believe what had happened. A tree at the end of a street that runs 45 degrees from ours had a large tree come down and then it took out seven telephone poles like they were dominoes.

That stinks

So I checked it out and as I was walking home Allison and Eva were walking out to see me and to meet some of the neighbors. Our direct neighbors went back into their house but we saw a group of people congregating up the street. So we went up and said hello. We ended up meeting a whole bunch of people who live on our street. We even met a potential babysitter. Eva met a little girl and they played together as the parents all talked together. I guess it takes an event like this to get neighbors out talking to each other these days. Everyone seemed nice and it made me feel better about making the decision to live where we now live.

Oh and I almost forgot, the wind and the Wysteria went and broke part of our fence. I’m going to have to chop that apart and fix the fence.

Fence Broken<

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    1. Aaron,

      It was a little bit but before we could really go exploring too much we had to get to my Mom’s and I had to get to work. Tomorrow I guess.

  1. Glad you got to meet some more of your neighbors. Things like this will usually bring people closer together which is a good thing. Sorry to hear about all the damage though. Hope the power gets back on quickly for all of you.

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