Calm Before Irene

Photo-A-Day #2332

Was a sleep day for me today. I got home and Allison had made cinnamon rolls. We’ve never made cinnamon rolls before but while at Stop & shop the other day she looked at them and said that she really wanted them. So we got a small package and she was had them made when I arrived home this morning. Eva came down and wanted to sit on my lap as she ate hers. She missed me. This working overnights can be really tough and while we are all adjusting to the new house and my new schedule I can see how it can be really tough. But, I have to sleep during the day in order to function at night. So I slept after breakfast.

I feel asleep hard because I’m back to reading till my eyes close and then as I am still awake I put the bookmark in the space, keeping my eyes closed, roll over and turn off my light and just keep my eyes closed. I slept hard for 3 hours, I woke up thinking I had slept till 5pm. Not the case. So I woke up and didn’t go right back to sleep. I turned on my iPad and watch the first episode of Game of Thrones. I’d heard so much about the show and I even know the spoiler at the end of the season but it seems like a show I’d enjoy watching and a series of books I’d enjoy reading. The first episode was interesting and I’ll watch the whole season, I might as well since we have HBO and a bunch of movie channels for the next two years. We can actually watch some of the stuff that everyone is talking about.

I went downstairs to get something to eat and that was when Allison and Eva got home for a shopping trip. Allison got an emergency radio from Bass Pro Shops. I set it up and now it is ready for us in case this major hurricane, Irene, comes a knocking. I had lunch and then went back to bed. Read a chapter or two of Naked Empire by Terry Goodkind (love this sword of truth series) and fell asleep till my alarm went off at 5pm.

I’d like to sleep solidly for a 7-8 hour stint but I haven’t gotten that down yet. Hopefully Id get to that point. I’ve got to work on some better sleep techniques. And I have to get our box spring fixed or replaced because it is so squeaky and loud. It makes no sense to have a Tempur-Pedic bed that is supposed to not disturb your partner when every move you make makes the dang thing squeak like the floors in an old house (like ours). So I’ll be checking the warranty on that item this week.

5 thoughts on “Calm Before Irene”

    1. Thanks Deborah,

      Allison and Eva are staying with my mom. I went in to the office for work. We had some damage but not a terrible amount of it. Although we will be without power for at least a week.

  1. I love love love Game of Thrones!! I got HBO when I started my personal strike against Netflix (Ha!) and the first season was available on demand. I figured it would get me through at least a few weeks of the summer TV doldrums…but I finished the whole series in about 3 days. It’s that good!! You will totally love it. I’ve heard the books are amazing too. You will like it a lot!! It’s really unpredictable and enjoyable!!

    Glad to hear you are all over Irene!! I hope you get power back soon! Sorry about the fence:(

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