Computer on the Fritz…

Our home computer has been acting very funny lately. I have all the things I need to make it run smoothly like spy sweeper software and anti virus and other things. I ran all of that. I defragged the hard drive I cleared out junk and removed programs and still I get problems. The computer will suddenly stop everything for a minute or two and then resume normal operations. I even opened the case and vacuumed out the cat hair and dust and whatnot. Still the thing runs funny. I know it is a couple of years old as we bought it prior too our wedding for the purpose of burning wedding CDs and doing many other wedding related things. Now however it is just running poorly.

I heard about a new service called Fast-teks and they specialize in business and home computer repair. They are a fast growing franchise as well and new locations are starting up all over the place. I think I need help to fix my computer, I have never needed the help before but I think I have done all that I can possibily do to fix it and it still is not working. I know that my next step is probably to reformat it and start fresh but I’d like to avoid that if possible. And a new computer is just not in the cards at this time, But I certainly wish it were as I’d like to reformat this computer and use it as a media center in the living room and get a new computer for blogging and photo processing.

The Fast-teks are a very highly skilled group of people. You have to have be an A+ Certified Technician, MCSE (Microsoft Certified) Systems Engineer with at least 4 years experience. That is some serious time for working on systems and that is probably what makes the major difference between my hacking around on my computer troubleshooting in the dark and the Fast-teks way of actually getting results quickly and efficiently.

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2 thoughts on “Computer on the Fritz…”

  1. That sounds great however I question the buisness model. How much are you going to pay to have you home PC fixed? Are these guys showing up on site? There has never really been any money in fixing PC’s and really backuping up the data and reformatting is generally the best option. Micrsoft allows the registry to become such a mess starting over it usualy your best option.

    Do there guys offer a guarantee. It sounds interesting but I don’t see it working well.

  2. I’m not sure of the complete business model and how much is charged. However I think I will have to eventually go the reformatting route as I just need to get this working again.

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