Photo-A-Day #993 12/27/07

My friend Derek and his wife Michelle and their son Nicholas have returned from South Dakota for a holiday visit. We went to the Asia Grille tonight for some Chinese food and some Karaoke. Derek sang quite a few songs and in between his sets I snapped this photo for the December Challenge. I didn’t take my DSLR with me and was kicking myself for not doing so. One of Derek’s friends, Cathy was there with her D200 and her 17-55 lens and SB800 Flash. Needless to say I had major camera envy. She lurks here on occasion and I encourage her to share her photos on Flickr or Zooomr because they are really well done.

Photo-A-Day #993b 12/27/07
Michelle and the DJ

Photo-A-Day #993c 12/27/07
The Group.

Eva got to spend the night with Memere and Grandfather, she was very good for them. She is out cold now. They must have worn her out.

I got to play with the Wii Zapper finally. It is pretty fun, Allison is playing it right now and she enjoyed it as well. We’re both working on getting through the levels, the zapper takes some getting used to and I think it should be a little longer with a stock that you can brace on your shoulder to steady it. However I am getting used to it. I hope more games come out that are compatible with it as it is fun. I tonight liked the first person shooter ones that much but I may rent one to try it out sometime.

I posted 80 photos from Christmas to a Flickr Gallery, check them out.