Contest update

Okay so I didn’t go to sleep right away, nope I just couldn’t. I went through and checked out all the comments on all the different photo sites like Flickr, Zooomr and Buzznet. I also checked out the plethora of posts that have been written about this contest, next month’s contest, my SuperBowl dreams, and many other things. I went to all those places to make sure I got an accurate point count to tell you guys the totals. You can see them on the Right hand sidebar.

Remember you have one week to comment on my photos at Flickr, Zooomr and Buzznet. You have 24 hours to post on the Photo-A-Day post on this blog and there are so many other ways to get points that have no expiration date. Check out the rules of BenSpark’s August Add it Up Contest and you will see many ways to gain points. If you have been holding back now it is time to surge ahead. Get out there and pick up the points. Comment on each other’s posts, build community and have fun in the competition. look over way in which you can accumulate point, check back over the Photo-A-Day posts and other posts in August for special additional point earning methods. There are plenty out there and someone could get into the top three with a little hard work and hustle. The race is not over till it is over.

I would like to thank everyone for all of the create dialog we have been having. I respond to every e-mail, comment and message and have loved every minute of this contest. I wish I could give everyone the main prize but there needs to be a 1st second and third in the mix. It could be you.

I also realized that August 29th I will be on a plane headed home. While the contest will officially end at 12:00noon I will still be in the air and I will try my hardest to have all points added up for August 29th at 8:00pm. Watch my twitter for my flight status updates.

6 thoughts on “Contest update”

  1. how was moa???? did you get fun stuff for sparky?? i have to live vicariously through her!! haa!

    how was superbad??? i can’t wait to see that!!! i was going to go last weekend-but well…then i got all busted:( i hope it was awesome…

    have a lovely evening!!

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