Photo-A-Day #871 08/27/07

Ear of Corn

Today I got up at 4:55am and headed to Boston’s Logan airport after a quick shower and goodbyes to Allison and the baby.

I must state for the record that I am not a fan of driving into Boston. So I was not looking forward to this morning’s ride. However I had gone many times in the back of a car so I knew where I was headed pretty well. There were no mishaps on the way to the airport and I got there in plenty of time to do some writing and some photo editing.

My flights even worked out okay. I was stuck on my plane in Boston but we were the last flight out for a while because the power to the terminal was lost. Then when I got to Chicago I was not late for my connecting flight because that had a delay as well. So timing was working okay for me. I was able to finish reading The Expectant Father and begin reading The Everything Father’s First Year Book. Both have been good, the Expectant Father follows a good progression the everything book bounces a bit.

When I got Minneapolis I spent some time looking for a car with an auxiliary port to plug in my iPod (I finally got the $4.95 wire) and it worked great. I was able to get caught up on many of the podcasts that I enjoy listening to including the Pop Candy podcast and the Lost Podcast.

I took a few photos while on my drive and used my GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr to automatically geotag them.

Photo-A-Day #871b 08/27/07 Photo-A-Day #871c 08/27/07
Photo-A-Day #871d 08/27/07 Photo-A-Day #871e 08/27/07

due to the overwhelming amount of comments and e-mails and all around communication that piled up over the past 2 days I was unable to get to everywhere to count up points. I totally missed, Flickr and Zooomr comments because no e-mail came to me. So I will count them all up and tomorrow I promise there will be an update to all the scores. Make sure you look at all images on Flickr and Zooomr and Buzznet from the past week, they are some point building locations that are being overlooked by many. But being snatched up and points racked up by a few. And speaking of Buzznet, another one of my photos was a featured photo.

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