Cramming for Christmas

Photo-A-Day #2450

Did you ever cram for exams? You spend a few all nighters and learn everything that you possibly can to do well on the exam, just to completely forget it the moment you walk out of the exam room. Well, with a brand new baby, a new house and things still not where you expect them to be I feel like I’ve been cramming for Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong, we are trying to get the house ready for family tomorrow night. We are also trying to do special things with Eva as well. Today Eva and I made a gingerbread house. I picked up a gingerbread house at Target. The box stated that it had easy assembly and there was a form to use to assemble the pieces. So, I put the house together and then waited a half hour for it to dry. It was supposed to dry for a half hour and then we could decorate it. We started decorating it and the whole thing collapsed. So we decorated the pieces and then I reassembled the pieces with A LOT more frosting. I think that it came out pretty well for falling apart and having a 4 year old decorator.

We also trimmed the tree. We’ll by we I mean that I put on the lights and then got out of the house while Allison and Eva decorated it with ornaments. We have a short fat tree this year that I picked up yesterday. Nothing like the last minute. But we have a tree, we’re enjoying each other and we’re pretty well geared up for Christmas. Allison even made two kinds of cookies and we celebrated Skype Christmas with Mimi and Grandpa Dano tonight, too. They mail up the gifts and we go and get dinner on them and then we fire up Skype on the laptop and Eva, and the rest of us, open(s) gifts by the tree.

I’m off to move Fitzy for the last time this year.