Creating Some Christmas Cheer

Christmas cookies
Photo-A-Day #2448

Eva and I made some Christmas cookies today. We had a fun time mixing up the mixture and then spooning it onto the sheet. Well, I mixed the mixture and scooped the cookie dough onto the cookie sheet. Eva did a good bit of supervising and she wanted to help more. The thing is, she is four and twitchy. It is hard to give her many jobs when she’s flailing around. But she did pour the mixture onto the butter as I stirred. She did that pretty well, but when it came to the chocolate chips, well, they fell where they may.

We made two dozen cookies and one really large one for Santa. That one is on the Christmas cookie plate. Or rather on top of the plate because it was just too big. We’ll be putting that out on Christmas night plus milk in the bottle and carrots in the cup.

Eva and I also did a homework assignment. Each month she gets and assignment and we bring it home and do it together as a family. For some reason, this month we missed the paper or something and when I took Eva to school on Tuesday I noticed all these Gingerbread men on the walls. I didn’t see one from Eva, I thought that they had done them in class, but it was the homework assignment. So, I asked for one and they had extras and Eva and I made it after the cookies. She insisted on marshmallow eyes and I drew some teddy bears and a vest on the Gingerbread man. Then we cut up a Sweettart candy cane for the mouth and the nose. It was a fun project to work on together.