Fitzy is on the Move

Photo-A-Day #2447

We have an Elf on the Shelf. We got it last year and his name is Fitzy. Fitzy has been all over the new house. He has hung from the chandeliers, sat on shelves, sat in cups and even sat on top of Andrew’s Christmas tree. Eva is delighted with the Elf on a Shelf and she often asks us where he might appear the next day. We’re having fun moving Fitzy around however we often have moments where we’ve gone to bed and forgotten about moving the little guy.

Today we did some Christmas shopping with Uncle Jim. Allison picked up Jim and brought him to Target. I picked up Eva from school and we headed to Target to catch up with Allison and Jim. A little Christmas shopping later and we headed to Piccadilly Pub for lunch.

At lunch Uncle Jim presented me with a painting that he did back when I was a baby. He titled it “As Drew Yawns” and it is a monochromatic oil painting of a yawning baby, me. It was a big surprise.