DVR Fixed: Cable Catch up

Premiere of NBC's

Now that the DVR and Cable is fixed I can get caught up. I’ve watched a bunch of shows and need to catch up. Here are my impressions of shows this week. Spoilers may be in here of Course.

Tuesday Night
I watched the Mentalist with Allison. Not digging this show. It is like a grown up version of PSYCH that is darker. There were some interesting points but in all I am not hooked. Tuesday is a pretty nothing night in my opinion. A night to catch up on blog stuff.

Wednesday Night
Bones : The Crank in the Shaft.
Oh man that opening with everyone in the elevator and then the shredded leg falls in. Yuck. We get another new intern this week who is very very morbid. I love how Cam tried to engage him over and over only to get more and more freaky answers. That was pretty funny. Angela and Hodgins seem to be getting their relationship slowly worked out. We see Sweets in a smaller role this week and much mroe interaction between Booth and Bones. I like how they worked together in this episode. The whole thing about the chair and Booth’s back was funny as well. A decent episode.

Knight Rider: “Journey to the End of the Knight”
I hope that they don’t name everything with Knight. It may be camp but it is silly. This episode we see Michael involved in an underground racing circuit that is also involved in selling high tech secrets and weapons to our enemies. This plot was very poorly contrived. It was fun to see how Michael pushes the limits of K.I.T.T. The sexual tension between Michael and Sarah is still playing out. I’d rather see less tension between the two and just have them be together. It would make the danger better. I am wondering when they will have K.I.T.T. turn into something other than the attack mode and the truck. I was hoping Kitt would switch to a Ford GT. That would be cool. Basically I am watching the show for the transformations and the camp of it all. I catch it on

Thursday Night
My Name is Earl Both Episodes
I still love this show for Jason Lee’s delivery of lines, the cast of characters is hilarious and both episodes were a riot this week. Nothing major revealed, just more stuff on the list. I like that they have gone back to the list. I’d like to see how far along Earl is on that list.