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Zookoda is an e-mail marketing tool that you can use to contact your readers with a special events on your blog, extra content and many other things. With Zookoda you have all the tools you need to create an mailing list of readers and another tool to contact your readers.

First off you can generate subscription forms for your readers. These are simple forms that ask users to enter their e-mail address to add themselves to your mailing list. The form looks like this:

You can also add a e-mail subscriber counter to your blog and that looks just like this:

Generating the form is very simple and once people begin to subscribe you can manage your subscribers. And then you can start generating campaigns. These could be e-mails or broadcasts. And you have all the tools you need to maintain and examine your subscriptions. There are report routines as well as mailing list routines that you can use. The best part of this is that everything that you can do with Zookoda is free. Totally free for bloggers to use.

When you create an e-mail you can include images, and items to make your e-mails and newsletters more tailored to the look and feel of your blog. Maybe you want to include the most recent posts from your blog, and you can also add special content just for your mailing list subscribers.

And what’s more is that you can send and even schedule broadcasts to your readers. These could be short messages with the most recent news from you. Zookoda is a property of IZEA and as they continue to create more amazing services and bloggers continue to benefit. If you have a mailing list or would like to start one for your blog then check out what Zookoda can offer you. If you want to sign up for my upcoming mailing list go ahead and use the form above.

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  1. I signed up for this a while back, but I haven’t used it yet. It sounds like it could be very useful. I’m just not exactly sure how to go about it. It’s good to be reminded about it, though.

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