Do you mind! – PAD #1083

Do you mind! - PAD #1083

Today I was supposed to do a demonstration. However, when I got to the hospital I ended up watching a demo that a co-worker was doing. Then I had lunch and was told that my demo had to be rescheduled. So I was free to drive back to Tulsa. So that is what I did.

The ride back was a long two hours on a rural highway. All along the way I saw signs of major ice damage and flooding damage. There were also many many farms. In the middle of the the ride between a half dozen farms I came across an shipping center and then right back to farms. There were so many cows and horses and I really wanted to stop but decided not to because it was a highway and I always see a shot I want just as I go by it. So if I wanted to take the shot I would have had to be able to see it well in advance so I could slow down to take it. However I am in the practice of taking shots with my eyes. I try and see things and compose a shot in my head that way I continually train my eyes and mind to see shots everywhere.

When I got to Tulsa it was around 3:00pm. I did a quick check online to see what time the Tulsa Zoo closed and I took a ride over there. The family membership to Capron Park Zoo came in handy because it got me a half price ticket. So $4.00 for two hours seemed fair. The ice damage was very evident around the zoo too. It looked really sad compared to the time I was here in 2006. It was such a hot day but the Zoo was really looking good. Here is the Tulsa Zoo photo set from 2006.

I was able to walk around for a while and take a bunch of photos of the animals. At first I was pretty disappointed because most of the animals were asleep. However, I have learned that patience is the best skill when dealing with animals. You have to take your time and let them do things at their own pace. I really get annoyed with slack jawed yokels who roar at the lions and shout to make the animals move and whatnot. People annoy me a lot sometimes.

Of course I think I may have been interrupting something when I took today’s PAD. But they both look pretty happy to me.

Here are the rest of the photos I took at the zoo.

Welcome Sign  - Tulsa Zoo Sleeping Tiger  - Tulsa Zoo Sleeping Lion  - Tulsa Zoo
Bald Eagle - Tulsa Zoo Giraffe Nuzzle - Tulsa Zoo Tortoise  - Tulsa Zoo
2 Giraffes  - Tulsa Zoo Rhinos  - Tulsa Zoo Rhino  - Tulsa Zoo
Meerkat  - Tulsa Zoo Sleeping Sea Lion  - Tulsa Zoo Sepia Tortoise Statue - Tulsa Zoo
Moving Tiger  - Tulsa Zoo Lion  - Tulsa Zoo Leaf Fish  - Tulsa Zoo

And this was an unexpected good thing that happened to me today.

Faved by Thomas Hawk!

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  1. Yeah, that pair look comfortable and happy. again great pictures from the zoo. I’d like to ride some of those roads during better weather. Some day maybe. Take care.

  2. Some of the roads were nice. I really want to get back to Oregon to ride out there. Around Crater lake would be fun.

  3. Hi flower girl, I see you have visited a couple of my blogs, thanks very much, I appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

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