Ellis Paul and Vance Gilbert

Last night Allison and I saw Vance Gilbert and Ellis Paul at the Rogers Center at Merrimack College.

Andrea drove Allison up and we met at Bertucci’s where Allison’s cousin Erin met the three of us for dinner. We had a nice dinner and fun conversation. Then we were off to the Rogers Center.

The Rogers Center is a great place to see a performance. The seats are nice and wide and the acoustics are great. We were in the third row and would have been even closer if the stage had been set up closer to the audience, A fact that Vance commented on many times.

Allison and I were impressed with Vance and his ability to make up songs on the spot and his humor. His musical talent was also great. Ellis as always was wonderful. We got to hear some of our favorites like “Put a Jukebox on my Grave” and “3000 Miles”. Andrea and Erin were Ellis newbies but I think that they also had a good time at the show. It was a great night and it was nice to share it with friends both old and new.