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Eva’s First Day of Second Grade

Photo-A-Day #3798

Today was the first day of school for Eva. She started Second Grade. Allison is also back at school this year. It is not her first day but it is her second year at SMSH. She will be the aide in the first grade again. I think that they are both pretty excited about the year ahead.

I picked Eva up from school because it was a half day. She had a very nice first day. We came home and had lunch and then played some Disney Infinity 3.0 again. I am really enjoying this game. It is far better than 1.0 and 2.0. I just keep finding more parts of it to enjoy. Eva is enjoying it as well. Andrew tries to play a bit.

Allison came home and we went out for dinner to celebrate the first day of school. That is our tradition. This time we went to Bliss instead of House of Fortune and we had a nice meal. Allison and I split a pound cake sundae and it was delicious.

Happy Birthday Allison 2014

Photo-A-Day #3199

We had a very nice day celebrating Allison’s birthday. Eva and I picked up some gifts for Allison yesterday and Eva had some elaborate scheme that she wanted to hatch for Allison. Eva had me cut up cucumbers, get lotion and help her with some pampering for Allison. We hung up stars and got out the very special necklace for Allison (it was blue and shaped like an ice cream cone which lit up, great $2 find at Target).

Eva’s plan was so cute. She rubbed a little lotion on Allison’s hands and then put the cucumber slices on her eyes. We gave her her gifts and then got Eva to school.

Today we also got to clear out a ton of baby clothes for girls. My sisters came over and took bag after bag to my Mom’s house to sort for friends who are having babies and to keep some things for themselves including toys and books for my nephew. Our basement is a little less cluttered now. Time to get the rest of it organized. Time to look for shelves so we can start keeping staples.

Tonight we went to our favorite place to celebrate, House of Fortune. We had a great meal there and topped it with a Red Velvet Confusion cupcake from Northworks.