Photo-A-Day #1361

That pretty much sums up my disposition right now. I am completely spent, the holidays have worn me out. Running from place to place seeing family, chasing Eva and having her exhausted has pretty much left us very, very weary.

The T-Shirt I am wearing in this photo could be yours (not the one I am physically wearing, your own brand new one.). I am teaming up with T-Shirt designers TenBills to give away 12 of their shirts to some lucky readers. They are called TenBills because each shirt is only $10.00. They sent me two of them to keep and I love them. The one I have on is called Wright Sided (and it happens to be only $7.00 right now) . Here is what the site has to say about the shirt.

T-Shirt: Wright Sided
Artist: Stephanie Fabbri

This t-shirt was previously released as part of our first series themed First Flight. Artists were asked to interpret the theme as well as to incorporate a unifying element, in this case, ten birds to represent our ten ‘bills’ which symbolize our mission as a company. We have now ceased releasing our t-shirts as series though allow artists to create their own themes as a concept of a personal series.

I find the site and their mission pretty amazing. The t-shirts are created by artists, t-short lovers and musicians. In doing a bit of research for today’s post (specifically for info on my shirt) I saw that there was a brand new design up as well as a free shipping code. So for $10 I am getting a really sweet shirt titled Seize a Memory and when you see it you will know why I had to get myself one. I bet that after you read the description you will think differently about T-shirts. From the TenBills.com site.

You look at a picture and you see pixels and colors. But when you were there for the picture, an interesting effect takes place when you look at the picture. The actual moment in time comes to life in your head as the actual scene vividly comes to life in your mind. A good photographer is able to convey this ‘memory’ to the viewer even if he or she was not there to experience it. Designer Budi Satria Kwan explores this phenomenon in his newest design, ‘Seize a Memory’. It is also interesting to note that Budi, in his prime age of 99, has been able to see a world without the technology of the camera and how it has impacted our society since then.

I have to admit, some of the shirts are not my style but that is how art is, it is not something that appeals to every person. Not everyone likes the same piece of art. I can appreciate it though and I can certainly appreciate what TenBills is trying to achieve with their store.

So, be on the lookout for the TenBills T-Shirt contest in January.

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