Amadeus, Amadeus

Amadeus, Amadeus
Photo-A-Day #1362

Now I’m not saying that she is already a brilliant pianist by any means but she is rocking the hair.

46 new people started following me on Twitter today. Why? I had no idea until I saw Ted Murphy’s 25 Social Media Peeps I am Watching in 2009 the list is in no particular order but there I am at #4. I was so surprised to see a bunch of follow notifications coming into my inbox and then to get a direct tweet from Ted himself, well that confirmed it. Ted worked his magic once again. The man has the golden touch when it comes to social media.

My case in point is the latest IZEA promotion with Sears. Just for some backstory, I was given a $100 Sears gift card from IZEA and Sears to do with what I chose. I chose to buy toys for Christmas is for Kids, a local charity in my town. I also got another $100 gift card to give away to one lucky readers. Between the blog posts, comments and tweets I had over 500 entrants in my contest alone. And mine was but one of 20 contests totaling about $5000.00. Today during the last TedTube (Ted Murphy’s online show) my blog came up 1st and my winner was Valmg of I Know Everything, Just ask my Hubby…. Val will be putting that money towards Rock Band 2 for her son, a fine gift.

Directly next to me on the computer desk is a stack, a stack of books, magazines and a dang fine gadget. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and after that the stack must dwindle. But, I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow. Here is another photo of Eva.

My new Chair

8 thoughts on “Amadeus, Amadeus”

  1. Elizabeth,

    Doesn’t she though. Yeah she is a regular rock star already.

    IT is very nice that Val won the contest and even nicer how many people were around to enter it. I hope my other contests are just as cool.

  2. Her hair is totally rocking and she looks very intense!
    I am still amazed that I won your giveaway, thanks so much for having it!

  3. Val,
    She can be an intense kid sometimes. And the hair, that is post nap hair where she sleeps on her face. Congrats to you for winning the contest, thanks for participating.

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