Family Time at the Cape

Photo-A-Day #2355

An extra day of relaxing on the Cape before we came home was perfect. Allison, Eva and I went for a nice walk on the beach and we took a bunch of family photos. Eva with Allison, Allison with Me, Me with Eva and then I set the camera down by the water and set the timer and got this shot. We watched and wondered if the water would rise up and splash the camera while we took this but no worries it did not.

After our walk we hung around for a little while with my parents and helped out some with the last little things to do with the wedding tent. Then we decided to head home. Eva wanted to go to Swirls but it is closed. So we went to Betty Anns Dairy Freeze in Buzzard’s Bay. It was the end of the season but they were still open and we indulged in a little end of the season feast on Shakes and Fries and Burgers and Dogs. I also got Clam Cakes. And it wouldn’t be complete without ice cream. Needless to day, we would not be needing dinner tonight.

After our lunch we headed home and I drove my two lovely unconscious ladies back to the house. It was a good day. A nice relaxing and fun day too.

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  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful day. Nice photo shot of all of you together. That probably doesn’t happen too often and I understand trying to get them when you can. Even if the water may rise. LOL

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