Feeding the Piggies

Feeding the Piggies
Photo-A-Day #1437

Eva has still not gotten over her sickness and neither has Allison. This has really affected Eva’s sleeping habits. She’s been getting up at very odd hours including 4:00am last night, and I didn’t even think about taking a 4am photo either.

After a really nice Mass we recovered for a bit and Allison and I decided on food for the week. Then it was off to the supermarket for me. Supermarket shopping is sort of a Zen-like experience for me. When I go by myself it is my time, I plan out the whole trip so that everything that needs refrigeration gets picked up last even if that means doing a little backtracking. I’m totally in the zone while shopping. I have my coupons and my little scanner and my list. Sometimes I even wear my headphones and just completely relax to the music.

When I got home I watched the latest Transformers Animated episodes from the DVR. The new season started yesterday and it was fantastic. I love how they are starting to get them most out of the back stories. I know that many people are not fans of this series but it really is the best one in a while. Given time this series will be remembered as one of the best ever. Even the designs are some of my favorites.

Allison and I took Eva to World War I Memorial Park to feed the animals. On the way over we asked Eva what noises each of the animals made. Aside from telling us that each one says “moo” on the 1st try she did pretty well when asked a second time. She’s got dog, cat, sheep, horse, pig and of course cow down. She really is thrilled about sounds, her current favorite book right now is “Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?”.

We walked all around and feed the goats, llamas, little pigs, and the horse. We brought a bag of carrots with us and the animals were all about the carrots. They were so excited for the carrots. Eva was thrilled, she’d want to get closer to them, I think she’d really enjoy a petting zoo at some point. I’m not sure where there is one close by. We still need to get our membership to the local zoos through Zoo New England. Once we get that we’ll be able to go to pretty much every zoo near us as part of that membership.

I fixed the computer, had to go to the cmd prompt to do it. I’m hoping to get that video published still. We shall see.

As far as the project with the bike I was unable to take care of that today but soon I will do that project and blog about it.

Tomorrow is the start of three days of presentations. This is going to be interesting.

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