Flowers all over

Flowers all over
Photo-A-Day #1482

This morning was a great one even though I was up at 3:00am and then Eva woke up at 4:00am. The great this was that when I left for work at 5:00am Eva said “I Love You” without any prompting. It was such a high to leave on.

I’ve been enjoying the weather and today was the perfect temperature. I couldn’t wait to get home after work and play with Eva in the back yard. I wanted to use some of that 200oz of bubbles that I bought yesterday. When I got home we did play with the bubbles and she loved it.

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10 thoughts on “Flowers all over”

  1. You must have been so excited about the contest drawing that you couldn’t sleep. I know I am! Great picture, I think it may be one of my photo calendar votes.

  2. Dina,
    I just put all the entries into a list ready to be randomized. I certainly tried hard to garner the most comments on my two posts, the BBBL2 recap and the Being Responsible Post. I don’t think I have enough comments to win however. I asked everyone I knew and pit the call for comments out everywhere. People rallied but I think that we might not have enough comments to win by tonight at 11:59pm. I have 404 “entries” into the 16GB iPod contest and just got the number 24 to use to randomize the list that many times. Winner announced soon.

  3. Interesting picture today. I am not sure if I like it or not. I kind of does the random flower in a field thing which has been done to death. Not that it is a bad thing.

    I think it might have benefited from a little bit more depth of field. It just seems like another couple inches to bring the whole flower into focus would be nice. Also the green branch or shoot under the flower I find very distracting.
    It would be so much nicer without that branch.

    I give this effort a solid B. If that out of focus branch was not there you would have had a B+

    You may also be slightly over exposed on the white in the flower. Just a tiny bit but it could be my monitor as well.

  4. Stephen,
    I should have used the telephoto lens. I’ll try that another time. Thanks for the image review.

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