Free Comic Book Day 2014

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The yearly tradition of taking the kids to Free Comic Book Day continues. It certainly gets tougher each year that I work on the weekend overnight shift but I do make sure to stay up and bring the kids to this very fun day. I love that Eva gets so excited by it. Andrew is going to need a year or two to really care. All he wanted to do this year was wriggle out of everyone’s hands and refuse to cooperate for any photos. Sadly, we were running through everything so quickly that we didn’t get a family photo at the event. I didn’t even get the kids in the same shot. But overall we had fun.

I got home from work and helped Eva decide what costume she was going to wear. She had her whole dress up bucket scattered on her floor as she decided on that exact costume. She had talked about being a warrior princess fairy but then changed her mind and became a Warrior Witch. She wore her Halloween costume and took along the shiny broom. She had said that she wanted her sword but decided against it. We took it anyway for photos.

Free Comic Book Day 2014 photos

Right before we left we took a look at the Free Comic Book Day website to see what books were going to be available. We made lists of the books that we were going to make sure to select and each wrote down five of them because that was the limit last year. This year the limit was changed to 4, a testament to how this event has grown in the past few years. Just looking back over the past five years and seeing how much it has grown is crazy. I looked back and found the photos I’d taken of Eva going back to 2010 to her first Free Comic Book Day.

Eva at Free Comic Book Day '10, '12, '13 and '14

As we’ve done for the past five years (Allison took Eva in 2011) we went to my comic book shop, Wild Time Comics. We were pressed for time and so we got there as early as we could and made our way directly into the shop to pick out the books. Eva’s friend from school was there already getting her books. I picked out four for me (Transformers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon and Finding Gossamyr) Eva got Smurfs, Donald Duck, Scratch 9 and Jellaby. I picked out four for Andrew which was actually a mixture of books for me and for Eva. I’ll read them to Andrew, too.

We got our books and went outside where we took some photos of the kids and Eva with Randy as Green Arrow and also Eva with Spider-Man and then with the mannequins of Wonder Woman, Deadpool and Wolverine. Andrew wasn’t having any of having his photo taken and it was time for the kids and Allison to head up North while I had to get back home to sleep. So we left, but not without Eva getting a balloon animal for the road.

I’m really glad that she still enjoys attending. I think that as he gets older, Andrew will enjoy it as well. Next year should be a little easier with him. I may have to work on an actual costume for next year’s event.

Thanks, Wild time Comics.

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  1. It’s really great read this all, and i LIKE IT! specially your pictures and that little cute girls see is damn cute god bless her! 🙂

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