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Free Comic Book Day 2022

Free Comic Book Day
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01229

Today was Free Comic Book Day over at Wild Time Comics. Randy and the crew moved the celebration to this week because the weather was not going to cooperate last week. They really lucked out today with a great day. With the new location they had a bunch of room to set up a great outside display.

Eva had a nice time. One of the comics that we have been reading together finally put out the final issue. She also picked up a Stanger Things comic and a Legend of Korra/Avatar one. Eva also saw someone there wearing merchandise from her favorite streaming group, Dream SMP. So she told them that she liked their jacket and they told her that hey liked her pins.

New Controller

I had to pick up a new controller because my other one had major drift. It made it so hard to actually play any games and making video was near impossible. I’m looking to get a repair kit but I don’t know if it will completely fix the problem. If it does then I will have a backup. If it doesn’t then I definitely made the right choice to get a new one.

Free Comic Book Day 2021

At Free Comic Book Day
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00957

Today was Free Comic Book Day and as is tradition with me and the kids we headed to Wild Time Comics. There we were each able to pick 5 of the free books. We also picked up some other books for Andy. It was great for us to find some graphic novels that he would be excited to read.

The kids with The Batmobile

There were some fun things to do at the event today. There were cosplayers and also some cool vehicles. The kids posed near the Batmobile. Eva posed with at least one cosplayer but Andy was standoffish after seeing some of the animatronic items. There are some scary villains and such there. Andy is not a fan and when that happens he doesn’t want to do anything further. He still had fun but just wasn’t in to getting any photos with the cosplayers, even Batman and the Batman was a really good one.