Friday Foul-up

Taking a Page from Wes’ book and naming my posts for the days of the week. Don’t worry this will only happen once.

So this morning after I go downstairs and put a load of laundry in the washer I am walking through my living room and turning on my computer when I hear my sister Tara shout up to me. “Did you put stickers on the trash bags?” (In our town you can put $1.75 stickers on your trash bags to the garbage men pick them up.) “Yeah” I respond kinda annoyed, “Of course I put stickers on the bags.” I always put stickers on the bags after I have sealed them up with electrical tape (much easier and dependable than twist ties) Then I put them on the curb on Thursday night. Well, the bags were still there on Friday morning after the garbage men took all the trash from the rest of the street. However, there were no stickers on our bags. Someone removed our stickers (bag tags can also be substituted here) from our trash during the night. That is just annoying and sad. I swear I am beginning to get more and more annoyed with this street. What with the loud mouthed neighbors across the way sitting on their porch all day shouting at each other, the skateboarders tearing up the church steps and our granite walls, and the latest are the jerks on bmx bikes (do they still call them that) with trick pegs (not sure if that is what they are called, I am so old and out of touch with these damn kids) sliding along our granite wall, the noise goes right through me and it damages the wall. I can’t stand those kids and am tempted to install skate stoppers so I can see them smash their heads on the concrete (well, if they had been wearing helmets they would have been okay, can’t save the stupid.).

Speaking of those damn kids, I have found an new web comic called You Damn Kid! It is being optioned as a TV show. The premise of the comic is that there are these two kids who are growing up in the 50’s or 60’s and they are naive about what is going on around them but they made some interesting observations, it is like a twisted wonder years. However it is not safe for work. Some of the panels are a bit risque. However get past that and begin reading because some of the strips are snarf coke out of your nose funny.

Oh and I am home today for a dentists appointment, “fun, fun”.