The New TV Season

So far the new TV season is shaping up to have some really good shows. Of course the old favorites are back and better than ever.

Here’s a recap of what we’re watching at our house

Monday night –
King of Queens (CBS) – It is time to put an end to this show. Sorry but I can’t take the dumb, dumpy oblivious guy/hot wife thing anymore. For one thing Carrie isn’t that hot and she is really very unpleasant. Put this show to rest.

How I met Your Mother (CBS) – Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris, how awesome is that. This show has some real potential and the voice over of Bob Saget is good too. I love the show and want more of it.

Two and a Half Men (CBS) – I love it, don’t change a thing, the kid is going to be trouble this season, with the tween attitude. Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer are magic together, fantastic chemistry.

Out of Practice (CBS) – Take this off the air.

CSI Miami (CBS) – Squinty eyed, soft talking Lt. Kane is still the man. I see the introduction of new characters and I am glad that the rest of the cast is back and that they didn’t kill anyone off on the first episode like last year. That was harsh.

Tuesday night

Bones (FOX) – Great chemistry between David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel are great together. Keep the tension between the two up. It makes for good tv. It is weird seeing David Boreanaz in the daylight, I keep expecting him to get mad and vamp out. Don’t reveal too much of the characters personal lives yet, let that come out naturally, I think it is working so far.

My Name is Earl (NBC) – Laugh out Loud funny. Jason Lee is a great comedic actor, the way he delivers lines is fantastic. Ethan Suplee is equally as funny playing Earl’s layabout brother. The “It Takes Two” scenes were priceless.

The Office (NBC) – Watch the BBC version, it is better, this is just too painful to watch.

Law and Order SVU (NBC) – Is this the year Elliot finally loses it. He keeps getting darker and darker. Still a gripping hour of TV

Wednesday –
LOST (CBS) – Is there anything else on Wednesday.

Law and Order (NBC) – Fell out of favor with it last season for an earlier bedtime, watched the season premiere, good, not great.

Thursday –
Joey (NBC) – What can I say I liked friends and I like this formulaic drivel. It is a guilty pleasure.

Glad to see that the team is back, interesting to see the openings of CSI Miami and CSI, one team came from all over and the other team all together. I wonder how the season will end.

Friday – Go out and do something

Saturday – Ditto

Sunday –
The Simpsons (FOX) – I will never get tired of this

The War at Home (FOX) – Michael Rappaport is very funny, I think I need to give this one more observation.

Family Guy (FOX) – Who can we offend this week. Another oblivious doofus with a hot wife, albeit she is a cartoon hot wife. I just watch to hear Stewie say something in that accent.

American Dad (FOX) – Family Guy part Deux. Nothing new here.

Crossing Jordan (NBC) –
Another leading woman with some major issues. Allison likes this show. I like Jerry O’Connell, have since My Secret Identity and Sliders. So I watch.