Getting Creative With Finger Paints

Photo-A-Day #2652

So, I’ve been away from the house a lot lately because of National Hot Dog Month. I had some time today and I picked up some Crayola finger paints, some squishy plastic balls and some squirt guns. The squirt guns were for playing after our little art project. The finger paints were to be used with a one of the sides of the television box. Eva asked me if we could do this sort of painting project every week. I told her that I can’t go buying a new TV every two weeks (two big sides to each box). But before we got into painting that big piece of cardboard we had another art project to do.

Family Handprints

Allison saw the family hand print project on Pinterest and wanted to do one for us. So I put my hand in dark blue paint (what else), Allison did a bright green and then Eva did bright blue. Andrew squished his little hand to make a dark green print. We also did another print with Eva and Andrew’s prints on them too.

Painting Baby Toes!

After we made the hand prints we broke out a bunch of foam paint brushes and took a giant piece of cardboard and began painting. We progressed to painting the squishy balls and rolling them all across the cardboard. Then we painted Andrew’s feet and walked him across the board. Eventually we ended up in a little paint fight as we threw paint on the board and on each other.

Painting the Squishy Ball

Then we broke out the squirt guns.

4 thoughts on “Getting Creative With Finger Paints”

  1. Looks like you had a good day making family memories. great to see you taking the time for those things.

  2. Love the pic of Eva painting Andrew’s feet! You guys are brave allowing all that paint everywhere. My kids would love to do this but I am totally not cool enough to allow it!

    1. Diane,

      Thanks. The paint was outside so it wasn’t too dangerous plus it washes off. Tubbies right afterwards. You can do it, be bold, be brave!

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