NHDM12 – Day 12 – Yank’s Franks! A Return to Maine

Lunch at Yank's Franks - A Diet Root Beer and a Yank's Dog

Another day in July means another day visiting a hot dog joint for some delicious Hot Dogs. This time we are in Wells Maine for some tasty Yank’s Franks. Yank’s uses Pearl hot dogs. They also butter and grill the hot dog buns. Yank’s Franks is run by George and Janice. They are both very nice people who are passionate about hot dogs and serving the best meal to their customers. The joint is located in Wells, Maine and after being open for two seasons they have already garnered the coveted top hot dog according to NECN. That is a really big deal. They beat out a couple other stops on the National Hot Dog Month Tour. But as The Hot Dog Man states, “I don’t rate, I celebrate.” That’s the thing with Hot Dogs, they are subjective and when you find a place that is “your place” nothing else will do.

So, thank you George and Janice for delicious hot dogs and the hospitality.

George, Janice and Alex at Yank's Franks in Wells, Maine

Rob has a full write up on the Hot Dog Stories site and I posted some photos on the Hot Dog Stories Facebook Page.

4 thoughts on “NHDM12 – Day 12 – Yank’s Franks! A Return to Maine”

  1. “Grilled Bun” Haven’t had one of those in years.What better place to have a Hot Dog than Wells ME.I did grille some of those Pearl hot dogs the other night. They got rave reviews from Mom’s friend Anne and Grandpa Dick.

    1. Dad,

      Rob used to butter his hot dog buns and put them on the grill, crispy outside and soft inside, couple that with the pearl and you have a great dog. Glad that the pearls are making a hit.

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