Good News (for Drew)…

Well, I have some good news to let everyone know. I have been attempting to transfer out of my group in Implementation to Marketing. I was offered the job last Thursday by the supervisor of the Marketing Support Group for LAB. So this means that I can use my knowledge of LAB to demonstrate the modules to potential customers. This will mean more travel.Well the same number of weeks but just to more places within the week. Which means quicker status on airlines. I am excited about that. And more status at hotels. So one day I may actually use the miles that I have been hoarding for the past three years. So that is my good news.

Some of you may know about a challenge I am undertaking. Fueled by the pride I have in Allison’s endeavor to walk 60 miles in three days I signed up for the Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon. Yes, to RUN it. The Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon will be on January 9th, 2005. There is a large contingent of Bennetts making their way to Florida. Tara and Erik were the ones who signed up first and Tara has been coordinating all of our rooms. Shelby and her friend Caitlin are going. My parents are going, some of my aunts and uncles are going, Meghan Healey is going and some of Tara’s friends are also going. So it looks like should be a good time and a boatload of people.

Another update on the good news front. It looks like those three months of being in the office were short lived. I am on the road next week to New York for a “warm fuzzy” meeting with a site that I am going to go to in August to teach Reports (covering for another specialist). “Yay for me” (Sarc). But next week I do get to travel with another specialist so it should be a good time.