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Taking in Every Moment

Andrew E Bennett IV
Photo-A-Day #2420

I am a bit overwhelmed with emotion when I think about my son. He’s not even two full days old and I can recognize his needs and give him comfort and love. I enjoy holding him in my arms and rocking him gently. I love giving him little kisses on his forehead and cheeks (he’s got such chubby little cheeks). We didn’t sleep much last night. Hospitals are not made for sleeping comfort. Though the hospital has been fantastic in anticipating our needs and making sure that we know what we need to do. We met with the discharge nurse and she went over everything. There were many things that we already knew because of Eva and we learned a few new things but it went pretty smoothly.

Tomorrow our little man comes home.

Photo-A-Day #711 03/20/07

Bridge in Indiana

Today I demoed in Washington, IN. The demo went well and was for some people who really liked our product and have been users for years. I was able to show them a few things that they already have in there current system, this made them very happy. After that I drove from Washington to Indianapolis, IN. Continue reading Photo-A-Day #711 03/20/07