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Taking in Every Moment

Andrew E Bennett IV
Photo-A-Day #2420

I am a bit overwhelmed with emotion when I think about my son. He’s not even two full days old and I can recognize his needs and give him comfort and love. I enjoy holding him in my arms and rocking him gently. I love giving him little kisses on his forehead and cheeks (he’s got such chubby little cheeks). We didn’t sleep much last night. Hospitals are not made for sleeping comfort. Though the hospital has been fantastic in anticipating our needs and making sure that we know what we need to do. We met with the discharge nurse and she went over everything. There were many things that we already knew because of Eva and we learned a few new things but it went pretty smoothly.

Tomorrow our little man comes home.

I’m a Father to a Son

Photo-A-Day #2419

Our son, Andrew E. Bennett, IV, was born today. My life as a Dad has begun on a whole new path. Having been a dad to a beautiful, smart and inquisitive little girl for the past few years has had its challenges but I took to them pretty easily. Tea Parties… Check. Enjoying pink… Check. Cuddling…. Check. To me a girl is easy because you just be the model for the man that you hope she winds up marrying some day and you keep away all suitors until the age for 35. :-). But seriously, Eva has been a real pleasure to be a Dad to. We have so much fun together and enjoy so many of the same things and have fun. But a son, having a son feels like I have a whole new set of responsibilities shape him into a good man when he grows up. Not that I don’t have the responsibility to shape Eva into a good woman, but it feels like a very different responsibility to me to raise a son. Continue reading I’m a Father to a Son