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Photo-A-Day #713 03/22/07

Flying Pig in CVG Airport

Today I flew home from Indianapolis. My flight was at 6:10am. I had a thirty minute drive from the hotel to the airport and I hadn’t been to this airport before so I got there my usual two hours ahead. So I ended up staying up all night rather than risking oversleeping. Continue reading Photo-A-Day #713 03/22/07

Photo-A-Day #711 03/20/07

Bridge in Indiana

Today I demoed in Washington, IN. The demo went well and was for some people who really liked our product and have been users for years. I was able to show them a few things that they already have in there current system, this made them very happy. After that I drove from Washington to Indianapolis, IN. Continue reading Photo-A-Day #711 03/20/07