Harry Potter News…

Attention all Potter loving Muggles, Harry Potter continuity secured as Daniel Radcliff signed on to play Harry Potter in the next two and final movies. You may be asking yourself just how old will young Daniel be when he plays Harry Potter for the last time with the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie? A movie that will probably hit theaters in 2010. Some people say that the actors are too old to be playing their character counterparts. That is not true. Daniel will only be 21 in 2010. That is a much closer gap for an actor who is playing an 18 year old than the entire cast of Beverly Hills 90210.

I am a big fan of continuity and that is why I love shows like Lost and Heroes and that is why I love the Harry Potter books. I always have to read series from the beginning and I can’t start watching a show after it has been on for a while. That is why I haven’t gotten a chance to watch Veronica Mars, 24, or Alias. Those will eventually be DVD rentals or purchases.

Back to Harry Potter. The other night Allison and I were watching Law and Order Criminal Intent. The premise of the show was loosely based on the characters of Screech and Zack from Saved By the Bell. The Screech character was called Skater and the Zach character was Kirk. The show went like this. Skater is murdered by the Albanian mob in NYC. The detectives discover that Skater had been bootlegging DVDs and selling them out of an ice cream truck, that he also lived in. Kirk ran a dubbing company and Skater got the master copies of unreleased movies and bootlegged them to get back at the company that made his TV show and didn’t pay him enough royalties. Eventually it all gets wrapped up in the end, but now Chris Noth’s character has to watch his back because he is a target for the Albanian mob. What does this have to do with HP? One of the movies being bootlegged was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. What, at least they could have made more believable with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which comes out this July. The Half Blood Prince isn’t even going to start filming until September.