Photo-A-Day #695 03/04/07

Satined Glass Window

Our Church has been doing some remodeling. We are putting in 6 new windows with brand new stained glass. Four of them are done now and 2 left to go. The new windows let in so much more light, the interior of the church is so bright now.

I’ve moved a bunch more of my older posts to The New BenSpark. The New BenSpark needs a lot of work, I need to customize the theme, and add many other things. I’ve moved a bunch of posts from this blog over to The New BenSpark. I’ve been re-formating them, adding tags and really enjoying the WordPress categories feature. I have categories, subcategories and sub sub categories. Each new post gets some tags/

Here are some of the old posts that are now on the The New BenSpark.