Headed to the Hasbro Press Conference at Toy Fair 2014

Photo-A-Day #3206

Toy Fair 2014 is coming up in less than a month now. I decided that I am going to go and this year I’m going a day early to attend the Hasbro Press Conference. As a huge Transformers fan I am so excited to get an early look at all the new toys coming out for the the 30th anniversary for that line.

Last year I was so excited to go down for a Blogger Night with Hasbro and it was awesome. However, by the time I got there I had already seen all the new Transformers products that were coming out because of the Press Conference. My favorite Transformers related blogs were there for the Press conference and they had a bunch of great shots from the event. This time I get to be there, too! I will take tons of photos of everything I am able to. I can’t wait!