HIMYM: Rebound Bro

I have to admit, I just wasn’t feeling it last night. The episode before this one was much, much better. But there were some decent parts of the episode.

The episode centered around two plotlines, Barney without Ted searching for a new wingman. And the other story was about Ted and Stella taking the next step in their relationship. Does anyone else feel that Ted shares way too much with his kids? They are fairly young teenagers and Ted is telling some pretty detailed stories that I would expect his kids to start squirming over. Really, how many kids are going to sit through sex stories about their parents?

I’m not alone with being a little sick of Ted, Whitney Matheson of Pop Candy is all for Ted and Stella taking a couple of weeks vacation. Let’s let Marshall, Lily and Barney get more screen time. But let’s get the Ted stuff out of the way.

This week we actually got some screen time with Sarah Chalke (something I do enjoy). We find out that Ted and Stella have been moving along and they have not had sex yet. My thoughts on that aside, so what, they are building a nice relationship. The more important thing is that Stella has not introduced Ted to her daughter. That is a much more important step in their relationship.

But they went for the gotta have sex soon angle and it backfired on Ted because he told Lily and Marshall everything. Stella overreacted when she found out that Lily and Marshall knew that she hadn’t had sex in 5 years. But luckily she realized that she had overreacted. And then Ted and Stella took the next step. I was happy that the next step was the meeting of Stella’s daughter. That showed a very mature move in their relationship.

But then they ran off and had sex. Couldn’t let that go. Again, why are Ted’s kids listening to these stories with no questions or no “Eww Dad, TMI”.

Updated (12:37pm): Apparently Greg Dean of Real Life Comics feels the same way I do.

Another week of hearing Lily make the horniest woman on Earth statements. She still cracks me up. Marshall was pretty funny as he recounted moments from 2003. Hi statement that Nell Carter died, while not a funny thing, reminded me of my buddy Derek. Derek has a strange sense of humor and he has been known to send out fake obits of celebrities, and sometimes people actually believe him. Twisted.

The more humorous storyline this week was with Barney looking for a Rebound Bro. Barney is missing his favorite wingman and so he starts calling his other friends with some hilarious results. One friend just had a baby girl, another is already with a wingman and then one sounded promising till he told Barney the plan for the night which included watching 27 Dresses. I love how Barney calls him back to hang up on him again.

Barney ends up taking Randy from the office, played by Will Forte. Randy is nervous talking to girls and so Barney works with him to help him along. Randy had quite a few things working against him. Nosebleeds were some of them, his inability to follow Barney’s directions very well. The different tactics that Barney used like the making up of a profession for Randy as a chief koala expert, and then Randy saying that they were delicious. So funny. But Randy did have something going for him, he used to be a NYC cop. Because of this Barney could get him a girl. But I doubt Randy will be able to do much in Barney’s absence.

Having Barney call Robin and tell her that he may release a video on YouTube was funny. After seeing Barney’s skymall obsession I bet he would have a bunch of tiny spy cameras that he would hide in the room. Yeah I bet that Barney would do something like that.

Next Week Brittany returns, and apparently her story intertwines with Barney for much of the episode. Interesting. I hope it is funnier than this week’s episode was.

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