Maggie… PAD #1124

Maggie... PAD #1124

This is Maggie. She was one of my sister’s dogs. Maggie was rescued by Tara and Erik from our local shelter. When they got her Maggie was in a very sorry state of affairs. She was over 10 years old, she had many tumors on her stomach, she was blind, deaf and completely malnourished. And we thought she had cancer and little under 6 months to live. She made it nearly a whole year. Maggie came to live at our home last July. Tara and Erik live in the compound too “compound” is a joke term that we call the place, we are not a cult.

Anyway each time Maggie would get knocked down by something else Tara would nurse her back to health. Tara nursed her so well that Maggie actually went into heat, she was so malnourished before that she had never done that, so at 10 years old she needed to be spayed. She came through that fine and had another problem come up that would require some major treatments. Tara didn’t go that route but rather continued to nurse Maggie so well that her fur fell out and a shiny new coat grew in. Maggie was like the Lazarus of dogs.

But miracles could not continue to happen. Maggie declined rapidly this week to the point where she could no longer move without constant pain. I got the call from Allison today at work that Maggie was going to be put down tonight and so I needed to come straight home after work. So I did. We meet in the back yard and said goodbye to Maggie. It was a sad parting but she will be much happier now. Tara got her a bacon cheeseburger for her last meal. We all pet her and said goodbye. Maggie now joins Daisy, Sophie, Dosh and Rikki in the big dog park in the sky.

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  1. I am so sorry for your family’s loss of Maggie. Making the choice to have an animal put down is a difficult one, but one of the most selfless decisions we can make. I know, we made it when our Mister Bill kitty was ailing. It was right about this time of year, six years ago. We still miss the big guy, but we know it was the right thing to do. No sense in letting them suffer longer than needed.

    Maggie will be there waiting for all of you at the Rainbow Bridge, and she’ll be happy and whole, playing with the other dogs, and maybe messing with our departed kitties, as well.

    Maggie was a beautiful dog.

    Christine’s last blog post..Blarghness

  2. Maggie will be missed on our walks I loved that little(speedy). See evryone on Sunday!

  3. Oh Drew,
    I am so sorry to hear this news. She was very lovely. And it sounds as if she left you guys with some very good memories.
    Thinking of you and the girls,

    Shinade’s last blog post..Wednesday Wanderings

  4. That is very sad, Drew…I think t your family was so generous to care for her in her last year. A friend of mine had to put her cat down yesterday too…it’s just heartbreaking to lose a pet.

    Mo’s last blog post..I’m coming home!!!

  5. Shelby,
    Yep, she will be missed. She was speedy when she was feeling her best. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday and so is a certain little babbler (I can hear her waking up now)

  6. Eddie,
    Yeah, Maggie had quite the last few months at our home. She was well taken care of and will be missed for sure.

  7. This is too sad. I think I feel more for animals sometimes because they are my children since I don’t have any. At least Maggie knew what a good life was like before she went.

  8. Blueyes,
    Maggie certainly did have a good life in the time she was with my Sister. Thanks for the comment.

  9. So sorry for your family’s loss. You reminded me of the day we put down our beloved dog Snowball recently. It was the toughest day I’ve had to endure in a long time, and we will always miss her, but I take comfort in knowing she had a great life with us and she feels good now. Thanks for sharing, sounds like Maggie couldn’t have asked for better people to take care of her.


    Jim L’s last blog post..Photo: Color isolation of my Ball Python.

  10. Thank you Jim,
    Maggie did have a good life while she was here with us. We will miss her. I am sorry for your loss and bringing up those memories. Snowball also had a good life it sounds.

  11. Well done Drew, Maggie had a good last year. Tara and Erik couldn’t have treated her any better than they did. All animals should be so lucky.

  12. What a lucky dog to get undoubtedly all the love and care she could need! Glad she was able to enrich all of your lives. Brought tears to my eyes…

  13. Becky,
    We will certainly miss Maggie, she did have a great last year, probably better than her previous 9, we will miss her. Thanks for dropping a comment.

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