HIMYM: Sandcastles in the Sand

Major Spoiler at the bottom, in Bold. Don’t read if you haven’t seen the episode.

Last night was the highly anticipated return of Robin Sparkles. That was the hype behind this episode however that wasn’t the biggest surprise. I missed the first 6 minutes and came in when Robin was sitting in the bar with James Vanderbeek who played Simon, a love interest from long ago who dumped robin over another girl because her parent’s got a pool. I caught Marshall’s explanation of “Revertigo”, which I think should be a thing and it should catch on.

This episode also had some great cameos from major 80’s players like Tiffany and Alan Thicke. They were both in the Robin Sparkles video. And if you go to the Robin Sparkles MySpace page, Tiffany is in Robin’s top 8. And it is THE Tiffany which makes it even better.

Here is the latest Robin Sparkles Video.

We see a few instances of ‘Revertigo’ including one of Lily’s which was hilarious and even funnier when you find out that her friend did the same thing.

Robin has the worst ‘Revertigo’ though and falls for Simon again and gets dumped, again, for the same girl, again, over a body of water, again. A ‘Jacuzze’. So Robin ends up in the bar alone and Barney arrives. He comforts her and Robin whispers something in his ear and he lights up like Times Square. They go back to her place and Barney gets to see the second Robin Sparkles video. They watch it over and over and over again until finally.

They start making out!!! I called that way back over the Shabotsky welcome mat incident. I know it was Barney who replaced that welcome mat for her. I am very happy that they may be getting together. OF course you have to go through the angsty, I slept with womanizer Barney regret and all. But once that is over and done with I see them together, they work well as a couple.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother and the Legen-

    Wait for it

    -dary Robin Sparkles.

    You know she’s going to regret hooking up with Barney, and we know they don’t end up together from all the kids’ pictures of Aunt Robin.

    Mike’s last blog post..Movie Review: Troma Films

  2. I have to disagree with that, the producers may have purposefully been making the pictures without Barney to keep that a mystery, That being said, we don’t really know but I do know that the producers of this show are pretty good at keeping things on the sly.

    Loved your comment by the way

  3. Great episode…while it was airing, i checked to see if reveritgo.com was available and it was! Now to figure out what to do with it…maybe a messageboard of bad revertigations!

  4. I think this was my favorite episode to date. Barney’s “Pac Man” reaction was classic and appreciated. Lily was high-larious, grrl! And Dawson looked just as I thought he would if he stayed on the Creek:)

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  5. Mo,

    I totally forgot the Pac-Man reference. That was very funny. Yeah, that was Dawson managing the movie rental store on the Creek.

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