Under the Scarf… PAD #1110

Under the Scarf... PAD #1110

I’m in Tulsa still, I have a flight in about 3 hours. I stopped at Massio’s for lunch because they have free wi-fi. I’m here surrounded by people in for the pizza buffet and Wildest videos on Spike. It is very, interesting because I look around and see a few people want to try some of the stunts.

I went over to the Tulsa Zoo but didn’t go in. Last month while I was in Tulsa I saw all the downed trees and I though that this would be a great place for Entropy shots. But most of the branches and trees were cleaned up. So I went to a little empty playground and saw that there was one of the Penguins (they are part of an art project in Tulsa, I discovered them back in 2006 when I first came here). I like taking photos of these things because they are pretty interesting to me how many artists can interpret the same subject. Something that we will do as photographers for the May Challenge. Anyway, this penguin was in bad shape so I got some macro shots of the beat up scarf on this guy.

Flying Penguin

I also want to point you to another Photo-A-Day friend, Eddie Christy is back blogging and he was inspired by me, by me can you believe it, to start taking a photo-a-day. I need to get to Nashville to meet Eddie and go photowalking with him as well as take in all the great music.

6 thoughts on “Under the Scarf… PAD #1110”

  1. You scared me! The red on the PAD looked like blood. Then the words “penguin” and “bad shape” made it even worse for me. I’m glad I read through your post. Thank goodness it wasn’t a real penguin!

    Connie’s last blog post..Calm Down

  2. Oh Connie,
    I wouldn’t do that to you. Animal abuse is not something I would ever use as a hook to blog about. I would blog about my outrage over animal abuse but not to hook someone in.

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