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Photo-A-Day #2522

So this is where I do my blogging work now and also where I record the Geek Dads Weekly Podcast. I picked myself up a Yeti microphone and a Pop filter. I still need to pick up a Mic stand so that I can connect the pop filter. With all this cool equipment and with all of the podcasts that I already listen to I’m toying with the idea of doing my own podcast but I am not sure what to talk about yet. Nothing has hit me. Although I should just start something and then figure out what it is to do. Maybe go through all my old comic books.

So many toys.

2 thoughts on “Home Office”

  1. Drew,

    You could do a podcast where you read you comic books. I always loved when my dad would come home and tell me all about the funny Dilbert cartoon he read at work.

    In the 1st panel Dilbert is talking to catburt. In the second panel Dilbert and the point haired boss are drinking coffee.

    Wait a min that I never liked that. Funny how my Dad never got that if you want to share a comic strip you should probably bring the comic strip with you. Comic strips don’t really translate well to verbal retelling

    1. Andy,

      You always come up with some new and interesting ideas. Not one I would implement but still interesting.

      No, comic strips do not lend themselves to verbal retelling at all. I could however do a video podcast.

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