I Can Nap At The Cape

I Can Nap At The Cape
Photo-A-Day #1520

Today Allison, Eva and I went to the Cape. That was after another piece of technology decided that it hated me. See, my tech has been revolting on my lately. First it was my laptop. Last weekend it gave me trouble with multiple virus warnings even though there was no virus whatsoever. It really slowed things down while using it. It was telling me that my memory card for my camera had viruses. Then last night I received the Nokia E75 to review. I slipped my SIM card into the phone, yeah it didn’t work. I took a bunch of photos, did they show up? Nope they didn’t, I didn’t use the camera correctly so there were no photos, that is why last night’s photo was just a junky image of the caps lock.

Actually last night was nice (non tech stuff). Allison and I went out for a double date night with our friends Michelle and Bob. We had dinner at the Tavern and then went to see Star Trek. If our server had gotten our check sooner maybe we wouldn’t have missed the previews, my favorite part and there was supposed to be a Transformers preview too. We got there about a minute into the movie and I was a bit confused, I like to see things from the beginning. But I got caught up to speed very quickly and really enjoyed the movie. It was awesome however it was hard to tell the Romulans apart so I was wondering if there was a movie flub and it took me out of the movie for a few minutes. I like the direction that this movie took and many of the choices the creative types made.

We did the late movie so when I got home I was going to upload my images from the E75 to the computer quickly write a little something and go to bed. Nope, not gonna happen. I couldn’t get the images off the camera because there weren’t any, so I took some of myself with the alternate camera setting (there are actually two lenses in this phone, sort of cool for taking photos of yourself, a feature on the E75 that I like, go figure). I tried uploading them and it didn’t work, just more frustration. So I took a photo with my EnV and uploaded that in seconds.

Which brings me to this morning before we left for the Cape. My parents wanted me to print out the eulogies for Grandma Theresa as well as my initial post. I printed the initial post with no problem, then the printer started acting up. It printed one line and then two minutes later it would print another line. I had never seen this before and it was frustrating. So I canceled the printing and shut the printer off. When the printer came back online it had an error message stating that there where no ink cartridges. Now, I have been using recycled cartridges from Cartridge World. I’ve been happy with them so far too. So I looked up troubleshooting ideas on HP’s site. It didn’t work. So I cleaned the contacts on the cartridges and we left.


When we got to the Cape Eva played with my sister Shelby. Then I found a plastic bag full of plastic animals, dinosaurs, a monster truck and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure. I know the plastic animals and dinos were mine, the rest of the stuff we acquired over the years. Eva and I played with them for a while. She liked them and could identify many of the animals too. I taught her the dino names. As I told Eva the dino names Allison said “must be that Y chromosome” because I pulled the names out of thin air. I loved dinosaurs as a kid, Triceratops was and is still my favorite.

I Found Dada's Toys

We took a walk along the water and up over the hill to a restaurant that changes hands with every season practically. This was the place that I worked at as a kid. I was a short order cook there. The food was never better than when it was called Shrubs and I worked there. That was not because I worked there but because Shrubs, the owner, was a savvy business man and he demanded quality. Our meal at the new place was so-so. The best part of the meal was the calamari. It was delicious and Eva liked it till I gave her a piece of tentacle and she found it too chewy. She wanted nothing more to do with calamari after that.

A nice walk home and then a refreshing 2 1/2 hour nap for all of us. It was great. I love being able to take a nap during the day, wish I could do it at work, I’d be so much more productive after a quick 20 minute nap. I hit my need for a nap around 1:30 – 2:00 each day, which usually is the exact same time that someone schedules a meeting.

We took a quick trip over to the supermarket to buy dinner, had a nice dinner together and then walked over to the beach for a little photo shoot. I got some really nice ones of Allison and Eva including today’s Photo-A-Day. Here is one of my favorites. The rest are on Flickr.

Having so much fun

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  1. Andrea,
    Yeah, me too, I was really happy about how it came out and how they were framed leading to the ocean. Thank you.

  2. Wales,
    It is relaxing there. I find that the best way to relax after my relaxing nap is to talk about mortgages. And comment spam.

  3. Love those pictures of Eva by the rocks at the beach.Loved having her around this weekend and looking forward to more visits over the summer.

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