I go wherever with iGo…

Wherever I go so does my iGo. What? Well an iGo is a product by Mobility Electronics. They have created this fantastic device. Why do I know this is fantastic, because I have owned one for about 5 years now. It is my go anywhere power source for my laptop as well as my PDA, Cell Phone, Allison’s Cell Phone and my soon to arrive iPod. In fact I have gone through 3 laptops and 2 cell phones since I purchased my iGo Juice 70. And I have had to use it to charge my devices on planes, in cars and in every hotel room I’ve ever stayed in during the last 5 years. This product is an absolute lifesaver. I will be very sad if and when it conks out on me, but for now it is strong and reliable.

With the iGo Juice 70 I can power my laptop while simultaneously charging one of my peripherals. This has cut down on the number of things I need to take with my on my trips and fits neatly in a little bag that I take with me. I plan to get tips for a bluetooth headset when I end up buying one, and for a new digital camera when I can find one that has an iTip and is a good camera. That way I am always powered up. You see, for each new device I need to only buy an iTip to attach to the Dual Power adapter and I am in business.

I am so surprised when other people I travel with marvel at the iGo. I ask them, why haven’t they bought one. It is the perfect accessory to a traveler concerned about efficiency and that fits me to a T. So wherever I go so does my iGo.