I Like to Make a Grand Entrance

Photo-A-Day #2702

Went into the bathroom and Torunn has made the window over the toilet her little private relaxation area. Then she came out between the drapes and I snapped this photo of her. She is a beautiful cat, such a sweetie with a tiny little meow.

The other day I picked up a new Wii game that we can play as a family. It is called Disney Universe and you play as a person who gets to go into a Disney land in a costume of one of 30 something different characters. The attraction has gone wild and you have to fight through some baddies to accomplish different tasks and challenges. I like the game, it is cute and fun but I have been playing Skylanders so long that I’m used to the controls of that game so it took some getting used to. Eva likes it but gets frustrated by everything you have to do and so ends up watching me play.

More errands today. Had to drop my parent’s car at the Mechanic and pick up Allison’s car and then get it inspected. That was after I grabbed my comics so I had something to read while at the garage. I picked up JLA #12 with the whole big Superman/Wonder Woman kiss. I am glad that I picked up JLA as part of the new 52 last year. It has been a decent story and I look forward to more of it.

When I woke up I had a delivery from PhotoJojo. I did some work for a client earlier this month and took that money to get myself a new iPhone case, The iPhone Rangefinder. I figured that since I use the phone as a camera anyway that maybe it should look like one. I also got The Camalapse to create panning time lapse photos. I can think of a few places where I’d love to try this. I might look at trying this at King Richard’s Faire this weekend. I’m not sure I’d be able to stand in one place for the hour it takes to make a full rotation but maybe a 15 minute 90 degree shot might work.