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Photo-A-Day #2703

Andrew is one healthy little eater. He eats Cheerios each morning and subsequently Torunn and James eat them, too. He’s a vigorous little nommer and a few Cheerios fall by the wayside as he chows down. What I’ve noticed is that as Andrew eats he wants whatever it is you are holding, as well as what he is holding and what is right in front of him, hence the photo and the words on it.

I watched a couple of things today. When I got home I watched Transformers Prime with Eva. It took some convincing but she watched with me despite being scared of Shockwave! It was cool to see Shockwave rendered on the screen on Transformers Prime. The episode “Out of the Past” was great and filled in how Arcee and Cliffjumper got to Earth. I was disappointed that Dwayne Johnson was not the voice of Cliffjumper. This time around Cliff was voiced by Billy Brown, an actor who has done many police procedural and is on Dexter. He did an okay job but I really wanted to hear The Rock doing Cliffjumper again. All in all a very good episode and I can’t wait until the Season Two Blu-ray set comes out in November. I love listening to the commentary because that is how I learned about some other great Transformers works that I could read, view and play. There is also a special bonus segment where Larry King interviews Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen. So cool.

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