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Unboxing Transformers Prime Sergeant Kup

Photo-A-Day #3928

Transformers Prime Sergeant Kup

As part of my daily vlog series I am going to start unboxing some of the toys that I’ve been collecting over the years. I’ve collected a ton of Transformers including today’s bot, Sergeant Kup. This toy was part of the Transformers Prime line of toys. The character did not appear in the show, however he’s appeared in some video games. I was hoping that somehow he’d come up the new cartoon, Robots in Disguise but I am pretty sure that that is not going to continue, and if it does then they probably won’t introduce Kup as a character. He was one of the characters from Transformers: The Movie that I liked, he’s a grizzled of warrior.

I like the figure. The truck looks great and the two cannons combine together to make one large one. I like the transformation, too. The head pops up from a hidden spot and overall it is a pretty good looking character. More in the video below.

Transformers Prime Predacons Rising Available on Digital

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising on Blu-ray and DVD

To tide me over until the release of the new Transformers cartoon on the HUB in 2015 I can re-watch Transformers Prime including the movie Predacons Rising. Predacons Rising looks like it will be the jumping off point for the new cartoon. Although I have the movie on Blu-ray it can be purchased digitally as well. Then I can watch it everywhere. Continue reading Transformers Prime Predacons Rising Available on Digital