I Pinch You, Dadda

I Pinch You Dada
Photo-A-Day #1763

You don’t get this kind of reception at the office. I worked from home today and Eva was armed with salad tongs. I didn’t have the phone or other camera out when she was creeping up on me, in plain sight but doing the creeping walk. So I tried to get her to do it again for me but, not the same. She had the cutest expression as she creeped. I guess I have to wear my camera around my neck all the time or something to catch her sneaking up on me.

Very productive day as far as the Dave Ramsey wagon. I cancelled three credit cards and one line of credit. these had been paid off for a while but I had been lazy about taking care of things like that. It was interesting how each of the different people on the phone reacted to my cancelling the card. 3 out of the 4 tried to upsell me or get me to stay. One was very pleasant and just asked why. I was polite but firm with each of the companies. It felt really good to get rid of those.

I’ve been using Microsoft Money since 1993. Microsoft has decided to do away with Microsoft Money. Yesterday I fired up the program and was met with the removal of the ability to automatically download my online statements. It is an inconvenience but I can still manually download the .ofx files (Microsoft money exchange files) and import them into MS Money. Eventually I guess I’ll change to Quicken but we shall see.

Looks like I’ve been making waves or adding to inspiration around the ‘net. One of my friends Christine over at Starryskye.org mentioned me in her latest post Learning to Save and Spend Wisely. She’s working on a Total Money Makeover of her own. And I was interviewed over at the New Media Blogger Famous Bloggers Club.

6 thoughts on “I Pinch You, Dadda”

  1. Hi Ben – wow, Eva is getting so big! Glad you enjoyed your day working at home. I’m trying to get back to all the blogs I would visit when I had EC up! Your photos are beautiful, as usual. I’m trying to get more involved in my photography WW scenic shots too!

    I use Quickbooks for my DH’s books. Works well, you might want to try it!
    .-= Look at what Cindi @ Moomette’s Magnificents wrote blog ..Connecticut Shade Tobacco Farm Barns – Wordless Wednesday =-.

    1. Cindi,
      Quickbooks is a bit too much than I want to spend right now but maybe. I think I’ll stick it out with MS money for now and then eventually move to something else.

      I’m glad that you are back and reading the blog again, thanks very much.

      Oh and don’t worry about calling me Ben, everyone does it.

  2. I don’t get to work from home as often as I would like to but one of the best things about working from home is the interuptions. It’s always so fun to see what the kids come up with as new ways to get my attention away from work and towards them. It’s funny thought I alsways seem to get more done at home than I do in the office.
    .-= Look at what Kevin wrote blog ..DADvocate – How much do Dads read? =-.

    1. Kevin,
      I do get a lot done at home, not as much as I would like though. Eva does love having dadda home and I do get a chance to try out some of the Dave Ramsey for kids stuff like giving her small coins for picking up her toys before we play with the next set. She always takes her coins right to her piggy bank. That is fun.

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