I See You

Photo-A-Day #1856

A nice little day around the house. We had some crappy weather here so we were home for the day. During the day we did some cleaning up and cleaning out around the house. Allison went through a bunch of boxes and put together some bags for Goodwill. She did some of that while Eva and I watched Cinderella III, A Twist in Time. I fell asleep though. A nap was nice.

Our good friend Jenn offered to babysit Eva for us so that we could go see Avatar at the Route One Cinema Pub. We both really enjoyed the movie. It was visually stunning and incredible. I enjoyed the 3D too. I would love to have some prescription 3D glasses though because they are a pain to wear over glasses. That aside I loved being immersed into the world of Pandora. It was amazing. It is funny because nearly every podcast I’ve listened to had negative things to say about the movie, the acting, the dialog and the story. I forgot about all of that as I watched some really amazing new characters and animals, places and ideas. I let go and decided to enjoy the ride.

Photo Information

Date Taken: May 08, 2010
Camera: Nikon Corporation (Aff Link)
Model: NIKON D80 (My Flickr)
ISO: 800
Exposure: 1/25sec
Aperture: 5.0
Focal Length: 32mm
Flash Used: No
Mode: Aperture
Lens: Sigma 18-250mm

I heard one argument stating that the general in the movie said, “You’re Not in Kansas Anymore” and they were skeptical that the saying would have any meaning anymore. I would argue that expressions like that would still be part of the collective unconscious. The Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic book and movie. That is classic media that will be reinterpreted over and over. I say this because look at the way old things are made new again over and over. We are constantly getting reboots of things that have already been created. So I say that no matter what time in the future that movie was set; the expression “You’re not in Kansas Anymore” will still be known to everyone.

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