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The Latest Disney Palace Pets from Jakks Pacific

Disney Palace Pets
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Disney Palace Pets are cute pets for the Disney Princesses. We received a bunch of the latest Disney Palace Pets toys (Amazon Link) from JAKKS Pacific to play with and review.

These are adorable toys that kids and enjoy. They are collectible and can provide hours of fun imaginative play. Kids can pretend to be a Disney Princess caring for their pet. There are even some minature pets that have suction cups on them. They are cute and collectible. Here are the toys that we received:

Palace Pets Fashion Furry Tail Dreamy is a kitten that is a pet of Princess Aurora. This stuffed animal can sit on your shoulder and her tail can wrap around you like a scarf.

Palace Pets S.S. Pawcation Royal Yacht is a bath toy that includes Princess Ariel’s pet Otter, Otto. The boat has many play areas in it like a Lounge Chair, Coconut Drink, Tiki Umbrella and there are spa elements to pamper those palace pets.

Palace Pets Lily Beauty & Bliss Playset is a small set with a working shower, Hair towel, Eye Mask, Brush and Lotion Bottle. Lily is the kitty of Princess Tiana.

Palace Pets Bibbidy Fruit Fashions is a set that is watermelon scented and it is part of the Pawcation line of Palace Pets. It comes with a fruity headpiece and a brush.

Palace Pets Pumpkin Pop & Stick Mini Playset comes with Pumpkin. This playset is a tiny tub and the tiny pet has a suction cup on the bottom and also two accessories that have suction cups on them as well. This is part of Series one of these collectible toys.

Palace Pets Pumpkin & Dreamy Pop & Stick Two Pack. This contains two miniature palace pets that have suction cups on them.

Kindness Campaign Launches in Anticipation of the Cinderella Blu-ray Release

Cinderella Blu-ray release September 15th

Our family got to see an advanced screening of Cinderella months ago and we loved it. There was such a strong message about Kindness from the movie and it was something that Eva picked right up on. We were very proud of how she saw the importance of Cinderella being kind and compassionate with everyone. Now, the movie is slated to be released on Digital HD and Blu-ray on September 15th and to coincide with this launch there is a new site www.cinderellakindness.com where people can log their own words of kindess. The goal is to achieve a million words of kindness by World Kindness day on November 123, 2015. More details are below. Continue reading Kindness Campaign Launches in Anticipation of the Cinderella Blu-ray Release